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How Infinity Squared Designs Came To Be

Hey, y’all!

Here’s how Infinity Squared Designs (ISD) got started: I was making quilts, blankets, and simple tote bags for family, friends and customers. While sewing, I would always diffuse high quality essential oils, and think about the recipient. I would imagine great things for the person that would be using whatever I was making.

Fast forward to the first pivotal moment with my beautiful Mother. She asked me for a purse for her birthday. Me: “Mom, I’ve never made a structured purse before." Her response? “Well, when has that ever stopped you from doing something?" And guess what? She was right! Gotta love this woman! She raised me to believe that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. I am, and will be, forever grateful for that!

So, I started making purses, and loving it! Diffusing high energy oils while I was in my happy place being creative is so relaxing and energizing at the same time! I was selling them and getting good responses.

Second pivotal moment was with my dear friend, Tricia, who is a mostly retired midwife and now runs a Private Wellness Membership Association. (Lots of great natural health info and you can get a great alkaline water system here: ). We were catching up via phone, and I was telling her about my bags, and infusing them with essential oils. We both had an AHA! moment. Infusing the essential oils into my bags would raise the vibrational energy of the recipient! We both KNOW that people are awakening to energy! And I KNEW that I had to make this available to everyone! Create a TRIBE of people who want to EMBRACE the vibrational energy of high quality essential oils!

Would you like to carry the energy to support success, abundance, love and happiness? How would you feel knowing that the maker of your bag has set the intention of greatness for you? Just imagine what you could accomplish if you focused on that same intention!! We want to help you raise your vibration and attract awesome things, so that you can live YOUR BEST LIFE!

It is an honor and a privilege for us to make these beautiful, high energy bags and accessories for you!

Looking forward to keeping you up on our progress! Please join our TRIBE!

~With loving intention~


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  • It’s a great idea! Good luck with your business. 😊


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