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Introducing our Guest Blogger! Sweet Orange, y'all! YUM!

Orange ya glad we met? 

You’re about to be! 

Haha, seriously, puns aside, nothing screams summer quite like the scent of a fresh, crisp orange. Think about biting into one on a hot summer day – the cool, sweet juice is such a welcome refreshment and the smell, well, it just smells like pure happiness, right? 

Sweet Orange essential oil, Citrus sinensis, can bring about those same feelings. 

Sweet Orange essential oil comes from the orange peel of the fruit. It’s put under high pressure to break apart the oil glands and then the oil is collected. The next time you’re eating an orange, give the peel a good squeeze, you’ll more than likely have a tiny bit of oil come out. Give it a sniff, and you’ve just experienced Sweet Orange essential oil. 

The Sweet Orange tree is thought to have originated in the Himalayas. Christopher Columbus is credited with introducing it to America – where it is primarily grown in Florida. 

The Ancient Chinese are credited with being the first to realize the therapeutic properties of Sweet Orange essential oil. They would use it to treat coughs, colds, and anorexia. Today, Sweet Orange oil is used heavily in food flavoring and therapeutic aromatherapy. 

Beyond just smelling good, Sweet Orange can do a lot of great things for us. It can help control the oil production of the skin, help boost immunity, and ease feelings of stress, anxiousness, and sadness. When used aromatically, or via smelling, Sweet Orange essential oil can also help to boost our energy and focus. Who doesn’t need a little boost during long days? Can you see me waving my hands around over here? Give me all the energy boosts, seriously! 

One thing I really like about Sweet Orange essential oil is that it’s virtually safe for everyone. Young children can benefit from the tummy soothing properties of Sweet Orange, and it can also be used to help calm our little ones. It’s a great all-around oil to keep on hand for every member of your family. 

Energetically speaking, Sweet Orange oil is a powerhouse. It’s said to be refreshing, cheerful, and sensual and gives warmth and joy to all who are around it. Sweet Orange oil can help us to remember to laugh when we’re taking life too seriously, it reduces self-doubt, and helps us to find the courage to take on new, unknown challenges. 

Sweet Orange oil can be used both aromatically (diffuser, steam inhalation, personal inhaler) and topically (massage, ointment, roller bottle remedy) and is a super safe essential oil being that it is considered non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and non-phototoxic. 

Want a fun, unique way to experience essential oils? All of our bags are infused with essential oils, meaning they are infused with the vibrational energy of the essential oil, so you can take their scent, therapeutic properties, and energetic properties with you wherever you go. Isn’t it great to be able to get the benefits of essential oils by doing something you’re already probably doing every day, i.e. carrying a bag? If you stop smelling the essential oil on your bag, essential oils will evaporate with time, we carry essential oil pendants that you can add a drop or two of your favorite oil or blend to, attach to your bag, and carry with you wherever you go. 


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