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Oxygen and Health Benefits

Hey, y'all!

Did you know that taking the time to practice deep breathing has health benefits? 

Our hectic pace has lead to stressed-out people, rushing through everything. This leads to taking shallow breaths. This is really hard on our bodies!

Taking the time to stop, even if it's once a day, to practice focused breathing can lead to the following:

  • Healthier heart and cardiovascular system
  • Can bring aerobic benefits to the body, as you are increasing your oxygen supply.
  • Less stress and let’s face it, most of us need that!
  • Helps to keep us in the present moment, reducing anxiety and fears/worries that come with our fast-paced lives
  • Helps to aid in detoxification in the body
  • Can help us to achieve better, deeper, sleep (know anyone who is sleep deprived?)
  • Creates endorphins in the body that can lead to natural pain relief
  • Happiness and mental clarity – we know that this raises our bodies vibrational energy and helps us to attract more of the “good stuff” in life! More abundance, success, happiness! YES, PLEASE!
I’ll be posting pics over on our social media to remind you to STOP what you are doing, and just take a nice deep breath! Breathe in all the goodness, and exhale all of the stress. 

If you want to learn more about HOW to breathe deeply, and join the tribe in benefiting from deep breathing, take a 3 minute stop to watch this informative video:

Here is to you lowering your stress levels and achieving better health!

~With calming intention~

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