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Stress and the Physical Connection

Hi, y’all!

A lesson on stress and how it affects the body…

I love my day job, but since January it has had many stressful moments. And I don’t mean the “normal” every day stress. (Which is NOT normal, but that is for another day). What I mean is the type of stress of concern over layoffs. The fear that you may not have a way to financially support yourself. The worry that if you aren’t perfect in your production, that you can be replaced. The kind of stress that has you going home in tears on a regular basis. Yeah, THAT kind of stress…

Fast forward to the beginning of November. I’m stressed with work (which has escalated since the beginning of the year), but excited about starting this wonderful energy filled adventure of Infinity Squared Designs (ISD). I’m coming home night after night, completely stressed out, but determined to check off as many things on my “to do” list as possible.

And then it happens…I developed shingles. Holy mackerel! The PAIN that appeared about 3 days before the rash! Excruciating! I ended up in the e.r. where they tested everything that they could (can’t wait to see that hospital bill…OMG! ). And then, later that night, BAMM! Here comes the rash! Now, here’s the really crappy part (if that is even possible)…the rash is under my breast. Let that sink in…right where your bra sits. As I look in the mirror, it is like a giant SMILE shape, from the center of my breast bone, to my underarm. But, I realize, smile all you want, rash, but this is NOT FUNNY!

Guess what the root cause of shingles is? 1. Fear things won’t work out the way you want; 2. On-going tension concerning a situation (BIG FAT STRESS)! Well, damn, if THAT isn’t eye-opening, I don’t know what is! My body literally became ill because my stress levels had been so high for so long!

Extreme stress, especially over a length of time is HORRIBLE for us; for mind and body! We were NOT meant to live in a “fight or flight” stage for extended periods of time.

This was a reminder to me that I must keep it in check; I must continue to take time for myself. I WILL heal more quickly than some, as I have been consistently using my high energy essential oils (EO’s). As well as other natural products, in addition to the modern-day medicine that is available to me.

Please take time to take care of yourself…I know there is a lot going on in your world, but the most important thing is self-care. Even if it is only a few minutes a day.

Setting the Intention for GOOD HEALTH!

~With healing intention~

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