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What are essential oils and aren't they just for hippies?!

Hey, y'all!

You don’t have to be a hippie to enjoy the benefits of essential oils! Everyone can benefit!

An essential oil is a natural product “the very lifeforce” of a plant. Essential oils may be found in the flowers, fruits, leaves, or stems. The oils can be harvested with different methods, and will vary depending on the plant.

Currently, steam distillation is the most common. Steam distillation is a method where steam is directed through the plant material, and then cooled. Rose oil is one of the most glorious and high energy essential oils!  I bet you can smell roses right now! The expression method is used to extract the essential oils from citrus fruits. Think of that “burst” when peeling an orange. That is the essential oil! Chemical extraction produces a different product, and are not used at Infinity Squared Designs (ISD).

Did you know that essential oils are also used by the plants themselves to help with infection control, wound healing, and repelling predators? That’s a pretty strong indicator that essential oils are powerful!

Throughout time, people have used essential oils in everything from bathing, massage and personal hygiene. They’ve also been used in cooking, treating maladies, and used for general feelings of calm. Here is great article that goes more in depth on the history and some science behind essential oils:

There are a number of ways to use essential oils, but most people use them as “aromatherapy” that implies smelling, or inhaling, them. At ISD, we diffuse oils while we are creating your products, and after. During the process, your new product will absorb and carry the high energy of the oils diffused. We think you will love them!

 ~With oily intentions~


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