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About Us


As a lover of all things energy and nature related, when I started designing bags and totes, it was just natural that essential oils would join into the mix. When I am in my design studio, I diffuse essential oils that carry the energy of love, success, and abundance. High-quality oils like frankincense, cinnamon, rose, orange, and many others. The oils infuse into the fabrics, and voila! Your new bag will carry the vibrational energy of the oils.

Our work from home sewists and makers come from all walks of life and religions, but we all agree that the dynamic of prayer and setting intentions is POWERFUL! As we work, we say a prayer or use the energy of intention when we are creating your lovely bags and accessories, and envision wealth and success for ourselves and our families, the company, and for YOU!

My prayer is that when you purchase a product from us, you will FEEL the love that has been directed towards you, and that your life will be blessed in many ways!


Shellie - Virginia

 Owner and Chief Executive

See how ISD came to be:

Shellie feels blessed to be able to create work from home opportunities for individuals while providing quality products for you. 



Samuel - Virginia

Chief of Operations/Finance and Terrific Son

Sam has really helped the business prosper, from directing operations to building back-end systems and managing the books. He has built a strong background in Operational Management and Finance. He is ecstatic to be able to drive results and provide an amazing customer experience. 


Liz - Virginia

Operations Manager and Daughter Extraordinaire

Liz has been instrumental in making ISD a reality. She designed and built the website, handled all of the graphics, photography and so much more. She's excited for the opportunity to work from home while caring for her daughter.

Char - Ohio

Sewist - Joined Nov. 2018

Char has 4 grown children and 8 adorable grandchildren! She started sewing at the age of 11 and has loved it from the start. After sewing and crafting many various things over the years, she has concentrated on quilting for the last few. She's excited to be part of the ISD family, as it allows her to work as she is able. Her faith is a vital part of her life and she uses her sewing time as an opportunity to pray for others. 

Egle - Florida

Sewist - Joined Feb. 2019

Egle has been very creative since she was little. As an adult, she loves Pinterest, which helps fill her creative side. Her day job in the medical field is balanced by spending time in her peaceful sewing room. She enjoys sewing because it relaxes her. She's originally from Lituania and has lived in the US for over 15 years. She feels lucky to be a part of ISD and is ecstatic to continue to create beautiful bags for you in the future.

Megan - Kansas

Maker - Joined April 2019

Megan is a military wife with 2 beautiful kids. A proud Texas native who is currently stationed in Kansas, Megan has lived in many locations including Germany (which was her favorite!). She loves all things craft related, and especially enjoys working with vinyl. She loves the convenience of ISD; no matter where she lives stateside, she will have the opportunity to work from home!


Guest Blogger - Joined August 2019

My area of expertise is in the aromatherapy field. I am a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist who is also certified in Psycho-Aromatherapy, Aromatic Medicine, and Integrative Aromatherapy. I also have a background in business with a concentration in entrepreneurship, emergency medicine, and psychology. Beyond all of my professional certifications and degrees I have spent countless hours in self-studying aromatherapy, self-care, and other modalities of natural medicine. Outside of my professional life I am the mom to a beautiful baby boy and a whole slew of fur babies.